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"I am here to share this beautiful practice and show you that there are NO SUCH THINGS as "types" or prerequisites for approaching yoga. Your differences are what make your practice unique and beautiful. Try something new. Then try it again. And repeat, like so." - CLAIRE INNES-MARTIN

For me, yoga has always been about finding truth, in how I live, and how I look at myself and the world around me. Actually, that’s not accurate. Yoga HANDS me truth about these things all the time and says “Look. Look at this!” - CLAIRE INNES-MARTIN 

Claire Innes-Martin is a yoga teacher based in Glasgow, specialising in Vinyasa flow for all levels of experience. Claire strongly promotes the physical benefits that yoga can bring, as well as the power of making just a little space in your life to breathe and slow the mind; reducing stress, and finding focus and calm.

"Like many people, I began practising yoga because I wanted to experience physical benefits. Big surprise – I quickly realised that it was just one of endless ways in which my life would be changed and enhanced by yoga. I thought I knew what I was capable of, but yoga was there to show me my true potential. It still is!”

In her years since qualifying as a yoga teacher with the renowned Classical Yoga School, Claire has taken many opportunities to build on her skillset –  achieving accreditation as a Children and Families Yoga teacher and completing Advanced Teacher Training. “I believe that practising yoga should be inclusive of all ages, stages, experiences and walks of life. Trying something new can seem really scary – but I offer a welcoming, down-to-earth and fun environment through my classes. In making yoga more accessible and appealing to a wide community, more and more people can enjoy its benefits!”

"I teach and learn this magical practice with my knowledge and experience that yoga offers us all the chance to cultivate on our mat the qualities we want to take with us to all corners of our lives. I feel incredibly lucky to continue my yoga path as part of Glasgow's diverse and vibrant community."

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